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The power of an Idea is limitless. From human evolution to artificial human evolution, from surviving in forests to surviving on other planets, from crawling to flying, from creating a new world to destroying and existing one, we have come a long way. Each and every evolution is a result of a simple idea. Idea is so powerful that it can change the phase of the entire universe in a second. Idea of fire generation has lit up human life. Creation of the wheel is a revolutionary idea which has changed the whole  human lifestyle. Inception of vaccines and anaesthesia have changed the phase of human survival. Electricity, printing machine, steam engine, penicillin,  aeroplane, bulb, radio,  television, telephone, internet and every other  invention was once an idea with no specific form. These ideas transform into thoughts. These thoughts ignite the zeal of making a change to this world which in turn would take shape. We are a group of individuals with complete different backgrounds and educational qualifications having expertise in different fields. We are here to write our lifetime experiences and learnings which will definitely benefit human race to set the bar for living high standards.


Understanding the human body and having a positive approach towards life is an essential art. Good health creates hope and hope is everything. Watch this space for latest healthcare updates.


This space is for all food lovers out there. Complete variety of dishes with preparation steps will enable every one to trail and expertise in preparing various food items. Detailed method of preparation will provide you a mouth watering experience.


Love to travel ? This blog will be your favorite guide to explore different places. Our authors will share exiting and exhilarating real time experiences which will take you to a joyous ride.


Who doesn’t like a person with good appearance ? Our bloggers will provide you step by step guide of transforming your self into good looking person. Using natural resources and proven techniques this blog will help you look stunning.


This blog will provide complete different perspective on movies. Through this blog our authors will explore unnoticed movie aspects and make you remember all the aspects of movies.


Everyone has style in them , and a very few people find it. Our bloggers will provide best tips to bring the best out of you. This blog will help you with complete understanding of fashion and help on how to  carry yourself in different occasions.

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