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Welcome to our brand new blog – TheIndianThings! This is where we are going to share all-new Recipes, Fashion tips, Beauty Tips, Travel, Healthcare and other awesome stuff with you all.

The indian things

Our Journey

Welcome to TheIndianThings! We are a group of fresh minds with discrete backgrounds , came together for sharing our thoughts in our fields of expertise. This blog is all about  appreciating individual thought processes, encouraging new ideas, explaining unnoticed ideologies , providing an insight of better lifestyles, best food habits and recipes.This blog is not just any random thought but a very planned one to sustain for a very long term and make this world a better place. Main idea behind the origination of this blog is to wake up the human society on all the forgotten aspects of living life to the fullest.Today’s lifestyle of humans has completely become mechanical and we wanted to let each individual know the very basic aspects of life such as cooking,art,and health. Happy Reading Folks!!!

IndianThings Team

The IndianThings Team

Movie Blog - Arjun Thumati

Arjun Thumati

Movie buff, Introvert, day dreamer, Master of awkward conversations. If you are a Movie lover? I am here to share complete insights on movies .

All - Sahithi Muppa

Sahithi Muppa

Being IT employee, i have developed interest in every other field 🙂 I am managing this blog to provide valuable content in the most optimized way!!

Food blog - Akshitha Kanakam

Akshitha Kanakam

Eating real food is really fun and healthy. If you are a Food Lover? Then I am here for you all to share tasty and delicious recipes.

Food Blog - Mounika Nallamala

Mounika Nallamala

Food , Beauty and Fashion are my interests. I am here to bring the age old techniques of making things work in natural way.

Travel Blog - Shashikanth Nallamala

Shashikanth Nallamala

Am a Traveler. If you are the same? Then I am here to share you all how I afford to travel places and lots of tips too.

Healthcare Blog - Dr. Yeshwanth Sankranthi

Dr. Yeshwanth Sankranthi

Pursuing MS in Clinical Research At Boston University. Research Associate at Boston Medical Center.
I am here to provide inner view on human healthcare.


Sreenidhi Durgam

Graduate in health information technology at UMBC. I am here to empower about healthy lifestyle and how to manage it.

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